Tourdates – Live Shows in Germany


All upcoming live-shows are finally complete. Just four, but really cool ones for a good start!

- 14.04.2012 – Rüsselsheim (Das Rind)  together with “Haken” and “Relocator” TICKETS…

- 30.04.2012 – Aschaffenburg (Colos Saal) – support for “Subsignal” TICKETS…

- 03.05.2012 – Hamburg (Logo) – support for “Subsignal” TICKETS…

- 04.05.2012 – Gera (Sächsischer Bahnhof)

Hope to see you there!!


2 Responses to Tourdates – Live Shows in Germany

Jan-Morten says: 4. April 2012 at 20:42

First of all, congratulation with a really good debut album! I was lucky enough to find you trough Shadow Gallery’s website. Already one of my favourite prog-albums. But I am i bit curious about how the line-up for the first live shows will be? You promised in an earlier post to publish it. I wish I could be at one of your first concert’s, but it is a little bit too long to travel from Norway. Hope to hear more of you in the future.


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